I travel a lot and I am pleased to say that I am going to be travelling a lot more in the future. Now I know it depends why you travel as to how much you might enjoy the process. But I am lucky in that my work allows me to be almost anywhere and to be able to carry on regardless. As long as I have a wi-fi connection and a mobile phone I can run my businesses anywhere.

So off I go, and whilst I often end up in places because of work I am now in the pleasant position that I can take a little time to enjoy the experience. Even while I am travelling running my Madrid escort agency, travel can be exhausting getting from one destination to another is not always easy with changes from planes to trains to boats and cars add to this time zone differences and “red eye” flights and yes the process of getting to your destination can be a bit of a “mare”. Of course the travel itself can be the purpose the journey not the destination.

Defoe you think that I am about to “wax lyrical” about all types of travel let me say I have “done my time”in the corporate world of early flights and long days followed by hours on motorways and trains. I ave traipsed round with heaving old fashioned laptops books and papers and because I used to work in marketing I have been known to carry a projector and video motor or three.
Now I work for myself in social media and on the web and so I have the joy of travelling. Depending on your view point every cafe every hotel reception and every street bench is now my office. So you could say that I am always at work or that I am free to work anywhere.

The freedom and experience of travel is something I now long for. Its time for me to explore and create some great memories before its too late. So all I need to work out now is where I want to travel to and the experiences that I want to have. Then all I need is to make sure that there is decent wi-fi to work with.


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