What Makes The Perfect Escort?

Naturally everyone will have their own special take on what their ideal female companion is like. It is obvious that every man has their own taste in physical attractiveness. And, like it or not, all the research shows that every males preferences in terms of physical characteristics is based in large part on what their mother looked like. And no, I am not a great Freudian therapist trying to propagate the idea that every man has an Oedipus complex. I am just saying that if the first woman you loved had brown hair, was tall and athletic and had big shoulders and large boobs, then you might find Daniela Ruah who plays Kensi Blye in NCIS Los Angeles attractive! Mind you, most men probably would. Or maybe that is my upbringing talking...
escort girl skinny dipping in pool

Anyway, the point I was trying to make – with some digression - is that every man has a different taste in physical characteristics such as hair colour, boob size, height etc. So if you are running and escort agency such as Las Palmas Beauties how on earth do you decide which of the hundreds of applicants trying to join your agency to actually take onto your books? When hundreds on women approach you every year asking you to represent them, how do you decide who to work with and who to knock back? Well the answer is not as obvious as you think. And it takes a few stages.

The first step is obviously looking at their photos. Do they look attractive and in shape? Do they have a good figure and pretty face? That then needs to be followed up to check tat they have not been on the Photoshop diet, so you need to see current selfies, both head shots and in a bikini or lingerie. If the selfies do not match the professional shots, that is a rejection straight away. Tattoos are not necessarily a cause for rejection, as many men like them, but the more a woman has, the less business she will tend to attract. They are just a specialised feature. The more languages a woman speaks, the better, as most of the job is chatting and getting rapport rather than rampant sex. Which brings us to the most important aspect – when chatting with them, is the woman fun and nice to talk to, or is she arrogant and self important? The less pleasant a girl is on the phone with us, the less chance she will keep clients interested for a long time. So, believe it or not, in a world filled with beautiful and physically attractive women, the most important thing for a good escort agency is personality.


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