A client in Ibiza that I see on a regular basis all year round really made me laugh when I last saw him. Though I do not think he really knew why I laughed so much, as I try not to talk about me or my job when I am with a client. Time that they are paying for in their time. So I do my best to make it all about them instead of all about me. Which obviously is not the kind of one-way conversation and attention that is sustainable long term. Which is probably why I have so many long term regular clients who see me for so long at a time compared to other girls that I talk with. And probably also why I am such a crap girl friend, because I need a guy to focus exclusively on me because I have pretty much used up my energy to give attention to other people in my work as an escort on Ibiza.
escort girl squatting down and wearing sheer panties and blue high heels

The reason I was laughing last time I saw him was that this particular client apparently runs lots of businesses in most of the major glamour spots of Europe, supplying some kind of products to nightclubs and the like. (I have to be at least a little discreet when I am writing about this stuff.) But that is the reason why he is in Ibiza so often all year round instead of just for the summer. We were chatting about his business last time I saw him and I was, as usually, asking him questions about how he did things, what problems and challenges he was having, what he was hoping to do this year. That sort of thing. And he said to me “You know, I am sure you make a really good living being an escort on Gran Canaria, but you would be really good at running a small business.” And he did not understand when I burst out laughing and could not stop for a few minutes. What the hell does he think I do now?

I have to keep the product (me) in good order and make sure it is fit for purpose (!). I write advertisement, I find ways to advertise and promote my services. I find suppliers and collaborators to work with (escort agencies and girls that I work with when clients want more than one girl). I make sure that I have no bad debts. I keep my accounts. I have to deal with my accountant and pay my taxes. You know, I run a small business. Which is mainly about taking care of my clients, so I stopped laughing, made an excuse and distracted him, which seemed to work.  


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