Stupid & Helpless Is No Way To Go Through Life

Wow. I know that The Telegraph newspaper likes to be anti political correctness and provocative in its conservatism, but today I read an article by Erin Baker called “Why are women such bad drivers? Because they think it is cute”. I saw the headline and my first response was to rail at an anti female generalisation, even from a female. But the I read the first paragraph and it really got me thinking. She has two premises. The first is that she accepts she is making a generalisation, but that every time she sees a car struggling to park in a normal size space in a car park, a woman is driving; every time she sees a car with the fog lights on in broad daylight, it is a woman; every time there’s a car travelling slowly in the outside lane, forcing everyone to undertake, not responding even to flashing headlights because the driver isn’t looking in the mirror, it’s a woman. Her second premise is that women and girls have come to think that failure and hopelessness is cute and winsome.

Yeah, OK, none of those is entirely true. Old guys in pork pie hats hog the outside lane too. But like all cliches and generalisations, there is also more than a grain of truth there. There is a whole generation of women who seem to think failure is attractive and appealing rather than strength and competence. I blame reality TV and social media. We have created a society where failure and stupidity are celebrated – watch Big Brother or almost any other reality TV programme. I see it in the beautiful girls who contact my escort agencies. We can almost use their behaviour to predict their age and where they come from without even asking them.

The younger they are and the further west they come from, the more entitled and helplessly they behave. Women in their thirties contact me and tell me their statistics, list of services and have a selection of professional photos. Younger women in their early twenties who get in touch for the first time normally have all those things available, but act as though they are confused and do not know how to send a photo by email or WhatsApp! They think it is cute. It is not. It just pisses people off.

But ia world where George Bush or Donald Trump can become president by openly knowing damn all about anything, what can you expect? Where Kim Kardashian has a squillion followers on Twittergram, of course women will treat her a s a role model and think that being a moron who brags about being stupid is the way to success, riches and the man of your dreams. Though I am not sure Kanye would count as that for most women...


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