So I am planning my life around travel with the ones I love. My business life allows me to do that. And it is not accidental. Building the business so that I can run it remotely has always been a large part of the plan. It wont be simple as, like most people, I have spent time building a home of sorts and no matter how simple my life I have still collected “lots of stuff” that wont really fit into a life that is more on the move. I am not free enough yet to say “sod it” and simply live day to day with no home base, so I will still have a place to call home but I don't think I will be there that much at all from now on.
The last few years have been spent in Southern Spain, a place that I love and hate in equal measure. I love the weather and the lifestyle the food and the wine but hate the bureaucracy and and the government. Its been a fantastic home but now I want to spread my wings across not only Spain but the rest of the world. I have been able to build my escort agency business…


I have no idea whether people actually have more sex when the sun is shining on the back of teir necks than when it is cold. Logic would, perhaps, make sense either way. Shag your way through the winter to stay warm and to affirm that you are going to get through it to the change in the weather. Or bonk in the summer when everyone looks better and is wearing fewer clothes. Alfred Lord Tennyson put forward one view point; “In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” But certainly popular culture sells us hard on the idea that young people rut in the sunshine. From Spring Break in Florida being a rite of passage for students in the United States to The Only Way Is Marbs on British television, tanned flesh covered in sun oil always seems more desirable in the popular mind than cold flesh wrapped up in layers.
Though I must admit that, personally, my sexual fancy is tickled more by concealing than revealing. A dominatrix in latex or leather is sexier to me tha…


I travel a lot and I am pleased to say that I am going to be travelling a lot more in the future. Now I know it depends why you travel as to how much you might enjoy the process. But I am lucky in that my work allows me to be almost anywhere and to be able to carry on regardless. As long as I have a wi-fi connection and a mobile phone I can run my businesses anywhere.
So off I go, and whilst I often end up in places because of work I am now in the pleasant position that I can take a little time to enjoy the experience. Even while I am travelling running my Madrid escort agency, travel can be exhausting getting from one destination to another is not always easy with changes from planes to trains to boats and cars add to this time zone differences and “red eye” flights and yes the process of getting to your destination can be a bit of a “mare”. Of course the travel itself can be the purpose the journey not the destination.
Defoe you think that I am about to “wax lyrical” about all types o…


Let us be honest with each other for a moment. Men think about sex a lot. I mean a lot. Like any time that they are not totally absorbed in something that totally occupies their mind and or hands they will think about sex. In fact, they will sometimes have thoughts about sex even during times when they should be focused wholeheartedly on something else. It drives men in a way that is hard to describe. Most men do not even realise just how obsessed about it they are, because it is the wallpaper of their mental lives. So, before we get any further into this post, let me define terms. I am not going to be talking about building a relationship or meeting the woman of your dreams. I am talking about having sex. Getting laid. Screwing. Getting your end away.
The first decision a man has to make is whether he is going to be honest with himself. Most men pretend that they are looking for a girl when they are not. Most men are looking for sex, the only question is how long for. If you want to h…


Ibiza attracts some of the hottest and sexiest women in the world who hit the clubs, beaches and bars wearing skimpy dresses, short shorts or bikinis. Or combinations of all those. Or without. But you get the idea. And since I am working as a professional sex worker on Ibiza, it is not enough just for me to keep up with them. I have to look better than the best looking girls on Ibiza. And that means looking better than the sexiest and fittest girls in the world. That might sound like a problem, but I am me, so no problem! It just takes hard work and lots of it. I was lucky enough to be born with the basic genetics to look good, and I studied styling, make up and hair styling to make sure that the aesthetics look good. That is a combination of discipline and good luck.
But getting fit enough to look good in any type of clothes that the client might want me to wear, in any social setting, is harder. Especially since, if I am with a client or group of clients who have been indulging a pas…

What Makes The Perfect Escort?

Naturally everyone will have their own special take on what their ideal female companion is like. It is obvious that every man has their own taste in physical attractiveness. And, like it or not, all the research shows that every males preferences in terms of physical characteristics is based in large part on what their mother looked like. And no, I am not a great Freudian therapist trying to propagate the idea that every man has an Oedipus complex. I am just saying that if the first woman you loved had brown hair, was tall and athletic and had big shoulders and large boobs, then you might find Daniela Ruah who plays Kensi Blye in NCIS Los Angeles attractive! Mind you, most men probably would. Or maybe that is my upbringing talking...
Anyway, the point I was trying to make – with some digression - is that every man has a different taste in physical characteristics such as hair colour, boob size, height etc. So if you are running and escort agency such as Las Palmas Beauties how on ea…


A client in Ibiza that I see on a regular basis all year round really made me laugh when I last saw him. Though I do not think he really knew why I laughed so much, as I try not to talk about me or my job when I am with a client. Time that they are paying for in their time. So I do my best to make it all about them instead of all about me. Which obviously is not the kind of one-way conversation and attention that is sustainable long term. Which is probably why I have so many long term regular clients who see me for so long at a time compared to other girls that I talk with. And probably also why I am such a crap girl friend, because I need a guy to focus exclusively on me because I have pretty much used up my energy to give attention to other people in my work as an escort on Ibiza.
The reason I was laughing last time I saw him was that this particular client apparently runs lots of businesses in most of the major glamour spots of Europe, supplying some kind of products to nightclubs …